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Our 'church dog', Aida, was in church on Sunday. Time is flying by, and she is already 9 months old and growing up fast. Dogs for Good handler, Alan, reported that 'although she is growing up fast, she's still got lots of puppy in her.' 

aida june 2018 1

Asked how her training was going, he reported that 'Aida is our 13th puppy that we've trained. She's a lovely dog, very friendly. She loves being around people and her training is going well, but she does occasionally go a bit crazy when she's off her lead. She usually comes back when we whistle, but sometimes if she’s having so much fun sniffing and exploring that she forgets her training. However, she'll grow out of this as she gets older.'

aida june 2018 2

It will probably be another 2-3 months until Aida has completed her initial puppy socialisation period, so hopefully we’ll have one more update before she heads off for her specialist training and the Dogs for Good team decide where they will be best be able to use the skills that she sells as she gets older.

aida june 2018 3

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