Our faith

We believe and trust in God, who loves us all.

We believe and trust in Jesus, who showed us what love means.

We believe and trust in the Holy Spirit, who helps us to love in return.

We have recently been introduced to our new ‘church puppy’, Neville, by the Dogs for Good trainers, Alan and Chris. Although Dogs for Good is no longer one of the official charities that we support as a Church, many of us still continue to donate to the charity on an unofficial basis, and as Alan and Chris are regular members of the congregation, we are always delighted when they bring along a new friend for us to me. Neville is a very boisterous ‘Cockerpoo’ – a cocker spaniel-poodle cross. This means he is quite a different character compared with the Labrador-retrievers that Alan and Chris have trained over recent years. This comes particularly with training incentives and rewards for good behaviour. As anyone who has ever owned a Labrador for themselves will know, offer them something to eat and they will do anything for you. Neville is certainly less treat-driven, so keeping him interested and amused without resorting to a bit of biscuit to guarantee good behaviour is going to be a challenge ! All being well. Neville will become a ‘training dog’. This means that he will help train dogs that might already be part of a family where there is a child who needs the support of an assistance-dog, but that dog may not need to be trained to the same extend as a regular assistance-dog, such as Aida and her predecessors who had specific training towards helping children and adults with specific conditions.

neville july 2019

Needless to say, as a Church community, we will be helping Alan, Chris, and Neville with encouragement as best we can, and of course, with lots of tickled tummies and the occasional treat…that’s for Neville, of course…although I am sure that Alan wouldn’t say no to either as well !

If you would like to learn more about the wonderful work that Dogs for Good does across the country, then click on this link: https://www.dogsforgood.org/.

And watch this space for more pictures and updates as Neville goes through his training.

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